Sarah and Will

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Our Story

Though they never attended the same school, Sarah and Will have known each other since 8th grade. One of their earliest memories together was in 2007 at a concert. Throughout college, while Will was at SMU and Sarah was at UT, they would run into each other from time to time, and always had fun catching up. Over winter break of their senior year of college, they reconnected during a night out in Houston with their friends, which ended at a karaoke bar. Will and friends, unprepared for the rap segment of “Roses” by Outkast, were surprised when Sarah stole the mic to rap the entire solo.

After Will and Sarah graduated in May 2015, Sarah was on her way to Big Bend with friends for the first time when she found out that Will was leaving for the Bali trip he had mentioned when they last ran into each other. Sarah made the first move by texting Will. Soon after Will's Bali trip, they went on their first date. Although Sarah moved to Argentina only a month later, they kept in touch. Over the holidays, they flew to L.A. for a Dead & Co concert (the first of several), and the following spring Will visited Sarah in Argentina.

Through the years, they kept up their long-distance relationship between Houston, Argentina, Dallas, and finally Carlsbad, before both settling back in Houston last year. Sarah and Will have spent time together climbing mountains and fly fishing in Estes Park, camping and exploring the Southwest, and enjoying time with friends and family on the coast in Rockport, Belize, and the Caymans, finding fun and adventure together wherever they go.

Music, mountains, and a love of adventure brought them together and began this journey that is just getting started.